The For Freedom Now Project




A world focus to bring for a shift on this planet. The concept is simple and anyone can do it. There is no money involved. We are only asking for you to focus or pray once or twice a day with us. The time is at your discretion and we can link minds to mind whenever we choose.


Freedom is a mode of living that most people desire. My knowledge and understanding is that people want freedom from oppression, poverty, wars, prejudices, ensalvement and whatever you want to encompass in the thought of Freedom.

Love is a power that can change anything when we accept love and believe in love. Love has a frequency that is able to overpower hatred, anger, prejudices and bigotry. Love looks beyond the outward appearances and true love is unconditional. We do not force shifts - we allow them to happen.

Gratitude is being thankfor life, what we are, what we have and by offering gratitude, we send out the frequency of being thankful that our efforts are already accomplished. We accept the desired shifts as being accomplished. Gratitude is to never deviate from the desire outcome. Gratitude is picturing our desire as having already happened.



A shift is needed in this world to move away from abuse, discrimination, bigotry, poverty, anger, hatred, wars and enslavement.By focusing/praying daily, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Today there are enormous challenges for all of us. There is war, the killing and maiming, children and men. There is a global collapsing of the economy, women have not become full-fledged participants on the world stage and there continues to be the suppression of women's rights, rape, abuse as well as the abuse of children. World hunger is escalating. In spite of the actions by many, it appears the evolution of the world is on a downward spiral in appearances. The intent of For Freedom Now is to bring forth a shift - a change. This is the time to heal our woundedness. Women have carried woundedness in their souls for eons. Now is the opportunity to heal and to give the world a shift that will enable it and humanity to evolve into something greater. From my mind came the concept of a world focus to bring forth a shift on this planet. It is a simple concept and anyone can do it.

As an addendum to focusing on Love and Gratitude, here are two affirmations I have used and repeated often during the day. I now share them with you.

I am always filled with love and gratitude for my life and in my life.

I have always loved and appreciated me.


By linking our intents, we make a difference as Shift-Changers. Once a day - morning or night, we each enter the quiet place in our minds in a meditative or prayerful state. When we enter our closet of silence, we mentally link with those unseen and unknown people in the world who are participating in this project.

We link with these like-minds by visualing a net or a web covering the globe - the Earth.  At each cross-section of the web or net, we each become a point of light. The lines represents the intent of love and gratitude connecting us.

We now project Love and Gratitude into this web/net all over the world while visualizing it moving all around the world. It is not necessary to meet in person because we can link with our minds from our homes and from whatever country we live in.

For 60 days or more, we can bombard this planet with Love and Gratitude frequencies.  As more people join this project, we can become a link in a neverending chain encircling the Globe.

You are asked to keep a record of any shifts you notice in your life and in the world. Please email me with this information.


Having attended an academy of the mind for over twenty years, I have learned the power of words, their frequencies and also about quantum physics. I learned that the observer is able to change anything. From this school came the movie What the Bleep when Ramtha directed William Arntz, a student to make it. This movie became a worldwide success and Arntz with current students at that time--Betsy Chasse and Mark Vincente created a memorable movie with top scientists, one of which was Dr. John Hagelin. Prior to the movie being made, I heard Dr. Hagelin speak and he told of an experiment of a group practicing Transcental Meditation focusing to reduce the crime rate in Washington D.C. As I recall, they did this for 60 days and the statistical results is that 4,000 participants from 81 countries using T.M. focused on the reduction of homicides, rapes and assaults. After the 60 days, the D.C. police department showed that the crime rate was reduced by over 20%.

According to an interview with Dr. Hagelin, he said: "The impact of our actions, individually and collectively, is inconceivably vast. We can appreciate to some extent, the environmental impact of polluting behavior. But based on what we now know about the universe, the true impact of our actions is far broader. For example, chaos theory has established that even our most minute actions can have incalcuably large effects. This places a great burden of responsibility on everyone. Exercising common sense, consideration and care towards our environment is a good start. If we really want to protect our planet against the negative effects of human behavior, we must bring our thinking and action into spontaneous accord with Natural Law. We must align our behavior with the universal intelligence that governs the universe and sustains millions of species on Earth." Dr. Hagelin was awarded a lg Nobel Prize based on the above study and presented by genuine Nobel laureates. If 4,000 people focusing on reducing the crime rate in Washington D.C. can reduce it within a 6-day period, then if we link minds with more than 4,000 people we can create a shift towards freedom and peace in the world. Please join me in participating this great experiment.

With love and gratitude,   Bettye Johnson